Trevor Liverpool - Principal Designer


The foundation for all design endeavors is fine art; this is the Liverpool philosophy. This is because fine art provides a healthy view of the tools of our trade. In other words, having the skill to use Adobe's suite of design tools does not equate to design expertise–this is where we come in! Check out the case studies to see our approach to design.

Projects benefit from a suite of design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) along with custom photography and photo- manipulation, to help you achieve your graphic communication goals.

Then, after the work is done, you can access your portal with various file types and sizes–don't use a graphic with a white background against a colored palette! Don't stretch or shrink (distort) your images to fit the layout. Instead, let's have an ongoing relationship where you get your logo the size and color you need ANYTIME.


What's Included:

1. Free consultation throughout the year, on demand*.

2. Unlimited graphic design, one project at a time. You will pay $18.00 per hour, per project. 

3. Twenty four hour mockups. Electronic download available. More . . .


What's Included:

1. Free limited consultation throughout the year.

2. Three revisions, one project at a time. You will pay $20.00 per hour, per project. Electronic download available. More . . .

$100 Retainer

What's Included:

1. Free consultation throughout the project.

2. Unlimited graphic design, one project at a time. You will pay $40.00 per hour, per project. Electronic download available. More . . .


Some clients prefer to do their own website design and maintenance, or their own graphic design or whatever creative endeavor, without any of the above services or options. Whatever the case, the consultation fee is $20.00 per hour, up to one hour. Then $40.00 for 2 weeks.

Select this option if you do not have a website (or need one updated). This service is available at the affordable cost of $45.00 per hour. You will pay a percentage of the estimated timeframe for completing the work. This cost includes assisting clients with searching, selecting and registering the domain name. The cost for this service does not include purchasing your registration, hosting and SSL certificate. Make contact and let's get you up and running. 


Tell us what you have in mind: Concept, goals, outcomes. Do you have questions about marketing, we consult on that too! Answer our questionnaire below, then talk to us. You can also email your answers to


Dive into exploring how to cast vision and embark on a course to realize it. Having grown up in the South American-Caribbean nation of Guyana, Trevor Liverpool is no stranger to poverty. Nevertheless, his resilient and persistent disposition has enabled him to walk through many doors of opportunity. Responding to opportunity requires action, while a visionary mindset helps to recognize those opportunities. Tune in each week for encouragement and conversation about how to overcome the “someday” syndrome and start forward movement today! 

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